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About Us

Hank and Jess were both new to Letterkenny, having moved there for separate jobs in radio about two years ago. Hank, originally from Texas, had spent some time in Alaska before landing at CGNU 97.1 FM. Jess, who hailed from Michigan, had worked at a college radio station before getting hired as a producer at the same station. They hit it off right away, bonding over their shared love of music and radio. One day, while chatting over lunch, they came up with the idea for “The Fuss with Hank and Jess.” They knew they wanted to create a show that was funny, irreverent, and showcased their chemistry. And so, with Stu’s blessing, they set out to create a radio show that Letterkenny had never seen before.


Hank is the co-host of “The Fuss with Hank and Jess” and a proud Texan who now calls Letterkenny home. With a passion for classic rock and country music, Hank brings a unique perspective to the show. He’s known for his humorous and sometimes awkward moments, but his dedication to entertaining his audience is unwavering. When Hank is not on air, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors and trying out new restaurants in town.

  • Hank is a terrible cook and once set off the fire alarm at the station while trying to microwave a burrito.
  • Hank has a hidden talent for magic tricks and often performs them for his coworkers.
  • Hank has a pet tarantula named Boots that he keeps in a terrarium in his office.


Jess is a radio producer and co-host of “The Fuss with Hank and Jess” at CGNU 97.1 FM in Letterkenny, Ontario. Originally from Mackinaw City, Michigan, Jess has always had a passion for music and entertainment. After working at a college radio station, she landed a job at CGNU and made the move to Letterkenny about two years ago. In addition to her work on the radio show, Jess is also a talented musician and often performs at local venues. She has a distinctive voice that listeners love and is known for her quick wit and sense of humor. In her free time, Jess enjoys hiking, reading, and playing guitar.

  • Jess is a huge fan of true crime podcasts and often tells scary stories on the air.
  • Jess is secretly afraid of heights and once had a panic attack while climbing a ladder to hang decorations.
  • Jess has a tattoo of a music note on her ankle that she got during a rebellious phase in college.


Kara is the engineer/producer at CGNU 97.1 FM. Despite being a freshman in college, Kara is a skilled technician and takes her job seriously. With a dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor, she’s able to keep Hank and Jess in line and make sure everything runs smoothly on the show. When Kara is not at the station, she enjoys tinkering with electronics and playing video games.

  • Kara is a gifted painter and often brings her artwork to display in the station’s lobby.
  • Kara has a secret obsession with conspiracy theories and often spends hours researching them online.
  • Kara once accidentally spilled coffee on an important piece of equipment and had to spend the whole day fixing it.

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